Client Name: Ametrine Holistics
Sector: Therapy

Location: Kent

Case Study Highlights:

  • Interactive and tailored bookkeeping training provided
  • Bespoke advice, support, and better accounting processes put in place
  • Saved time and money by switching to Swift Accountancy making more effective and efficient use of business resources

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One-to-one support is often hard to come by in larger, more corporate environments, and customers can become forgotten in the churn of turnover and profit margins – yet it is what makes service users feel valued, important, and seen.

Victoria Smith-Gillard of Ametrine Holistics, is a provider of one-to-one people and pet therapy. Within her role, Victoria understands exactly how crucial one-to-one support is for customers, but when it came to her own business accounting needs, she was not seeing the same level of consideration or priority from her provider. Victoria’s business had been offered mediocre service provision at extraordinarily high sums, despite which still required significant time input from her – pulling her away from fully giving the time she wished for her practice.

Ametrine Holistics Pet therapy case study - Swift Accountancy
“Adam is a detailed and thorough accountant, who will guide and assist you with your accounts to ensure they are to the best of yours and his ability. He keeps you informed every step of the way and his communication and service has been impeccable. I feel safe with Swift Accountancy doing my accounting.”

Victoria Smith-Gillard

Having shared the accounting headache she was experiencing, we were recommended to Victoria and subsequently met with her to understand her specific needs. Needing to save time with her bookkeeping platform, Xero, we put together an interactive and tailored course to show her how the system works. We provided her with bespoke advice, support, and better processes to help make the most of her time.

As a result, Victoria has been able to make more effective and efficient use of her resources, and has a new service provider who treats her with the level of priority, significance and person-centred manner she deserves.

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