Client Name: Business Bodhi
Sector: Coaching

Location: London

Case Study Highlights:

  • 8-month advance notice for tax calculation

  • Full spectrum accounting service

  • IR35 compliance assured

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Financial admin as a freelancer can be an overwhelming, all-consuming maze of numbers, jargon, and confusion, not to mention ALL the form-filling and filing. Without a trusted guide, you can quickly navigate further from the core reason you started to work for yourself; be it the freedom to choose your best flow and work times, select your own clientele, earn what you want, or simply play to your strengths.

For high-level freelancing, it’s imperative to keep a finger on the pulse of your business finances, to remain on the right side of IR35, and to carefully monitor your tax position. But when time is money, it can feel frivolous to fritter away hours calculating and researching, getting bogged down in numbers.

When we met with London-based Business Bodhi, they had recently started a freelance business in mindfulness-based coaching and consultancy, and were aware of a number of accounting obligations looming on the horizon. With limited time resources, their aim was to have ‘literally nothing to do with their accounts’,

Our solution: taking over all aspects of business financial administration.

Lightbulb against a sunset - lightbulb moment in coaching - accountancy case study

“Adam is exactly what I wanted from an accountant — diligent, practical, calm and attentive. I’ve been freed to get on with what I do best, knowing my company’s financial position is optimised.”

Nikolai Koval-Radley

As soon as Business Bodhi became a client, all things related to the financial administration of the business including monitoring, monthly payroll, advance tax calculation, and VAT positioning were passed over to us. With this weight off their shoulders, Business Bodhi were released back into what they do best – being fully present for their clients, coaching behaviour change and awakening the potential of others.

Since choosing Swift Accountancy, Business Bodhi has been able to gain back much-needed headspace enabling them to offer their clients their all.

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