Client Name: InGrain Architecture
Sector: Architecture

Location: Faversham

Case Study Highlights:

  • Steps to Startup success with free business training course

  • Learn key insights into how to run a Startup

  • Bespoke advice on start-up tax efficiencies

  • Simple, straightforward, accounting set up

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Start Right with our Free Business Training Course

Be the architect of your own business success

Imagine you are a long-time employee within the creative sector, with an entrepreneurial mind, who was coming to the end of furlough and being made redundant…what better opportunity to take to the skies and make your business dream a reality. Founders of InGrain, a Kent-based Architectural Startup, did just that, and Swift Accountancy were their go-to on gaining key insights in starting their business right.

Moving into the world of Startup and building your own company from scratch is an exciting challenge but it can also be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Looking to spearhead their own Architectural Business, InGrain had some of the basics covered but when it came to making the dream a reality and getting it on paper they needed a little guidance. The practicalities of running a service-based business, developing marketing methods tailored to their vision, alongside considering key branding, messaging, and the all-important business financial planning was a whirlwind of information that needed expert support and advice.

Our solution: enrolling InGrain on our Start Right course. Our ‘Start Right’ course covers all the essentials of setting up a business.

The Starting Right course equips you in all the principles of:

  1. Marketing
  2. Branding
  3. Vision
  4. Messaging
  5. Stakeholder Management and Engagement
  6. Accounting Automation Options

After an initial consultation, InGrain completed our course and opted for some personalised help to access their own accounting software. This additionally assisted with financial planning and projections and automated their invoicing. InGrain now has a toolkit of all the essentials needed to run their business well and profitably.

If you would like to find out more about when our Starting Right training course is running to get your business off to a great start, please contact us.

Ingrain started the business at a time of uncertainty. We were new to the challenges of setting up the company, as well as having to deal with the finances of one. Chancing upon Adam at Swift through a mutual friend, we were soon settled and set up after a few discussions. Reassuringly, we found Swift to be at a similar juncture in their ascendancy, and their experience provided us with the stability needed to start our journey. A year and a half later, and we haven’t looked back; suffice it to say we are as reassured today as we were at the start.

InGrain Architecture

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