Client Name: Samuels Software
Sector: Software Engineer

Location: Ashford

Case Study Highlights:

  • From chaos to clarity – Annual Accounts sorted in the nick of time
  • HMRC Penalty avoided
  • £1200 in tax savings

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From HM*argh!*C to HM*ahh*C

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The annual accounts are due to be submitted, the accountant has gone AWOL and isn’t responding to emails. Queries have been left unanswered for months on end and you have no idea what you owe HMRC. Panic is setting in and you’re likely to get dealt with a penalty for not filing…one word to sum this scenario up? Chaos.

Knowing that time was running away from them and in dire need of assistance, Mothas Media approached Swift Accountancy for help. We sent an expert that evening to meet with the directors and, having listened to their predicament, we set about a plan of action to get things resolved quickly and efficiently.

Within 48 hours of taking us on, Mothas Media had fully prepared VAT returns and a clear review of their business. The Annual Accounts were drafted and a saving of £1200 in taxes was made.

Instead of disarray and bedlam, the directors were given back the reins to their business. We arranged a quarterly contact point for preparing VAT returns and offering a high-level business review. Mothas Media’s sense of anxiety regarding their accounts and tax situation was abated and they now know how their company is faring and have Swift to turn to at any time.

Preparing your Annual Accounts should feel like a walk in the park not a wildfire.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality service possible. Swift is a trusted service, offering expert advice and support, providing depth of understanding into your business situation, but most importantly, we give you the peace of mind that everything is in good hands.

Chaos is no way to run a business. Come for a chat and let us make your annual accounts the easiest part of your year.

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