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the easiest part of running your business.

Swift Accountancy offers a full suite of business services, covering a wide range of business needs. We’re passionate about helping our clients grow, whilst reducing the anxiety and stress that can come along with running a company.

Whilst we’re based in Ashford, our accountancy services can also be provided on a remote basis. So let us take away the stress and enable you to feel financially empowered!


What is accountancy and why do you need an accountant? Accounts are the lifeblood of any organisation. Managing, monitoring and assessing your financial movements is not only a legal necessity but is pretty much essential for working out the health of your business. Whether you need monthly, quarterly or yearly accounts, we’ve got you covered, and if you’re not sure what’s best for your company or as an individual, we can talk about that too. We want you to feel confident and in control, but we’ll make all your legal submissions on your behalf, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

As individuals running our own business with not much time to focus on anything but our day to day, having an Accountant who we can depend on to do the right thing in a wholly competent and professional manner is key. We view Adam of Swift Accountancy as a trusted advisor, with a can-do, get-it-done, done-it work ethic and attitude. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone looking for a professional, consultative, perceptive accountant, who also happens to be a very nice chap.

Meryl Gilbert, Professional Services


Tax can seem complicated, especially when you want to make sure you’re not paying more than your fair share. Tax returns can feel like a minefield and the results can sometimes be a nasty surprise. Whether Corporate or personal, we will take care of everything for you. We’ll also make sure you understand your liability (that’s what you owe), how it’s been calculated, when you need to pay by and how you go about that.
We’ll go one further and throughout the year we’ll offer advice on tax planning and optimising your business’s tax position. Also, we’ll send you helpful reminders if you need to do anything, to help you keep ahead of the game. No nasty surprises here.

Whilst self-assessment is a necessary part of my work, I’d much rather be spending time focusing on my clients that wading through forms! Adam makes the whole process stress-free and has a way of always making me feel like no question is too stupid or small to ask.

Adam is friendly and approachable, whilst also being professional at all times. I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone wanting to take the stress out of all things tax.


Nic Kimmance, Speech Therapist


Bookkeeping is the foundation of a business; accurate records are the key to keeping everything on track for success. There’s obviously the legal obligation to keep records of your money movements, but more than that, without good, thorough records to assess it’s virtually impossible to know how your business is doing and make sound business decisions.
No two businesses are the same and neither are their financial processes. We will support you in establishing, refining and maintaining proper bookkeeping systems, bespoke to you company’s needs. We’ll ensure you can easily generate and access the reports you need to assess the health of your business or to share with third parties.
We will also train you and/or your staff and offer ongoing support in using any new systems.

During our first meeting we talked through everything that needed to be done to bring our bookkeeping up to date as we had fallen behind. Adam quickly brought us up to date and signed us up to MTD (a legal requirement), assisting us with learning how to fully use our accounting software. As we are new to directing a business, we need a lot of guidance which we hadn’t received with our previous accountant. With Swift Accountancy it is completely different, we feel we can make contact whenever and will get a swift response.

Ben Corrie, Agriculture

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VAT & Making Tax Digital

Some businesses need to be registered for VAT (we can advise you whether yours does if you’re not sure) and submit details to HMRC on a regular basis. This was already fairly complicated but currently the processes for reporting are undergoing a transformative modernisation known as Making Tax Digital (MTD), and everyone has to get on board.

Our VAT advice is all encompassing; the timing of initial registration, recommending the most appropriate scheme for your business, VAT return preparation and submission and even deregistering if required. We can implement systems to ensure you are up to date with MTD, support you in using and maintaining those systems and even advise on specific transactions.

For advice on your VAT compliance or a chat about outsourcing this please get in touch.

Excellent all round service. Adam is very easy to work with and has saved me time and money. I’d highly recommend Swift Accountancy.

Guy Adams, Builder

Payroll & CIS

Staff are the lifeblood of a company and paying your staff correctly and on time, every time, is essential to keeping your staff content and your employment contracts fulfilled. By outsourcing your payroll to us you can be sure to have it all taken care of efficiently and cost-effectively. We will make electronic submissions to HMRC on your behalf and securely distribute payslips to your staff, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that everyone is taken care of. We’ll even advise you about tax deductible staff benefits you could utilise to help create a positive and happy workforce.

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is where certain subcontractors have to pay tax at source and can claim it back later. It’s critical that the many rules of the scheme are adhered to, or you may find your business subject to heavy fines. We will ensure that you are always compliant within this scheme.

Adam is professional, conscientious and perceptive. His approach has been personal, bespoke and specific to our needs and circumstances. I would recommend him to any organisation.

Ben Dean, Construction

Advice & Insight

Year-end accounts reports are a given and a legal obligation, but more frequent reporting gives you a much better idea of the health of your business, enabling you to make better, more informed, decisions.

Management accounting can also be used to look forward into your company’s future, including cashflow forecasts, budgets and projections. Being able to see what’s coming means you can plan accordingly, make full use of tax deductible allowances and predict your tax bill in advance.

With over 10 years’ experience working with companies in every industry, we can offer specific expert advice to help your business to succeed and grow.

As with all our services, we tailor to your needs. We can arrange monthly, quarterly or half year accounts. We can analyse your figures, help you to understand your reports and what they imply, offer business and financial insight and advice, and help you to make informed financial decisions.

Charity Accounts

At Swift Accountancy we love to support charitable work, especially those who operate in the Ashford area.

Charity accounts have their own challenges and unique additional elements, the operation of a charity can be very different from other businesses. We have much experience of setting up and maintaining charity specific accounts and bookkeeping processes, taking into consideration such things as gift-aid claims, restricted funds, trustee reports and charity regulations. We can offer a fully comprehensive accountancy service as well as advise on all financial matters, including regulatory compliance, governance and risk management.

Speak to us about your needs and we’ll try to work out a favourable and manageable fee in recognition of your good work.

Company Administration

Company administration isn’t about the day to day admin talks you might have, we’re talking the important, but often overlooked, building blocks of how your company operates legally. A company needs setting up correctly, and adjustments need to be made as it evolves and grows. Shares and Shareholders may need to change and new officers appointed. Companies House must be kept up to date, annual Confirmation Statements (CS01) must be made and you’ll want to ensure you are fully protected and compliant with all the rules and regulations concerning your business.

We will not only take care of all your administration needs on your behalf, but we can offer experienced guidance and advice on the best course for you to take and what measures you’ll want to implement for the long-term health and wealth of your company.
We can even assist in the winding up of a company and its dissolution or liquidation if so required.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, please get in touch.

Adam is a very competent and proactive accountant. I have always found his advice very helpful, I’ve learnt a lot from Adam! Working with him is an absolute pleasure.

Angela Jones, Finance


Setting up a business can be a daunting prospect. Taking an idea or skill and making it a profitable reality can feel like a big leap of faith, but actually requires lots of little steps. We love to help businesses get off the ground, we even run courses on it. Setting things up right first time can save you a lot of hassle and confusion later on and get you making money sooner.

At Swift Accounting we don’t just set up your accounting and administration needs, though we’re very good at that, we can also help you develop a business plan, a growth strategy and help you with marketing and investments.
Wherever you are in the process, from a rough idea to already getting the wheels in motion, contact us for a free consultation today.

Adam at Swift Accountancy has been a guiding light over these past few months, as we embarked on creating and managing our first business, in what are very challenging times. An invaluable service.

Phil Ward, Architect

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Training & Support

It’s no good setting up efficient new processes if you and your staff don’t know how to use them to their full potential. Whatever service you require of us, Swift Accountancy offers a comprehensive training and support follow up service, whether one-on-one or to your whole team. After all, if your day-to-day admin is done correctly and kept up to date, you can be sure your accounts will be accurate and easily maintained. Plus, your staff will be happier, knowing they have easily accessed support and won’t have to muddle through on their own.

Whenever we help you set up a new process, or even if you’re struggling with your current systems, we’ll talk about your training and support needs.

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